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Originally Posted by Nighthawk0973 View Post
Say you have a variable called 'ScoreDisplay Part 1' and it's value is "Score: " with the space included. Next you have an interget named 'Score' and it's value is 25 cause that's the users score. Now you have a string called 'ScoreDisplay' and you set it's value to 'default string' inside of a method. After that you need to go and replace 'default string' with the function 'A joined with B' under the world section, A is going to be 'ScoreDisplay Part 1' and B is going to be 'Score'. This makes 'ScoreDisplay' == "Score: 25".

Anyways mess with it and you'll learn more. If you odn't know how to do something try searching through the world functions and camera functions, they can prove to be really helpful and self explanitory.
Thanks! Never knew about that function!

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