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Well, I didn't account for flashy gun animations as this is a program for novices and I was attempting to keep it simple as the thread title suggests.

If I wanted to make a game with animations an weapon swaps I would likely do so in Unity where I can .addChild all day long.


vehicle a dummy to the camera and the bullet to the dummy. Move the bullet backwards until it is just behind the camera.

Bullet var:canShoot boolean = false;
Gun var: isUp boolean = false;

function gunToggle; // pick a button to execute this
rotate gun backwards 180 degrees in respect to the dummy

if Gun.isUp = false
[Gun.isUp == true; Bullet.canShoot == true;]
[Gun.isUp == false;]

function fireGun; //pick a different button to do this ( I like Spacebar)
if (canShoot = true)
[ Bullet.Fire;]

[ // do nothing, or firegun2, or stab w/ knife, etc.]

Everyone happy now?
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