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I'm onboard with you AzGrimm. Instant hits only work if the target is inanimate, or you're using a Phaser. Time lag and target movement are important parts of the puzzle that saved me several times.

1) Assuming that the axis of the gun is not the barrel, manually position the bullet inside the barrel so that it points forward.
2) Drop a Dummy on the bullet, and make the barrel it's vehicle.
3) Use the Dummy as the bullet's vehicle only when it's loaded/reloaded. This way it comes out of the barrel instead of the gun's axis. Definitely necessary if you are using a tank :-)

The idea of using subparts for collision detection is interesting, and might involve some tricky logic assuming that the axis of any given sub-part is a single point in space that's pretty close to the others. The proximity game is just another challenge for gifted young programmers to experiment with and solve.

Summer Camp Fun.

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