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Sky Warrior 2?
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Talking Sky Warrior 2? - 06-10-2011, 04:15 AM

Using the new programming skills I have learned, I am planning a sequel to my Sky Warrior game!

I've also made a little "proof of concept" world here. For whatever reason, I lot of my energy has gone into "artwork", as shown by this incredibly over-elaborate title screen.

Here is the work I have done now:
It is very far from complete now, of course
There are also no enemies at the moment.

====Changes I am planning=========
-New Bosses (probably three again)
-Distinct "Engrish" subtitles and sentences (Think "Be attitude for gains")
-More professional appearance
-Replacing the "balanced powerups" from Sky Warrior (Max Speed, Max Power) with specific ships (fast ship, heavy ship, average ship)

If you haven't seen Sky Warrior 1: here it is!

(Controls are the same as last time)
Arrow keys...........Move
Enter..................Title Screen Toggle

The Tutorial Level is on post 3!

Wish me luck!
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