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In Alice 3, to change the ground texture you would select ground from the Object Menu, and then use the setPaint procedure, selecting the ground texture or color that you want from the drop down menu.

If there are other scenic elements / props that you wish to add or remove, you could
1) set their opacity to 0.0 (hide) or 1.0 (make visible) in a do-together with a time duration of 0, or
2) set up the alternative scenic elements in another part of the world, out of camera view, and then when it is time for the scene change, change the camera position / view as you are changing the ground texture.

Here is a link on how to use Camera Markers in Alice 3:

Alice 2 you will have to do use the Environments objects found in the Gallery, add them to the word when setting up the Scene, set their isShowing property to false, and then change the isShowing property in your code when it is time for the Scene change. You may also have to hide and show scenic elements as you would in Alice 3.

Camera Markers are very effective tools for having multiple Scenes in a project. Here is a link to a video showing how you might do this in Alice 2:

You might also see this Facebook video:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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