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you guys are being way to hard on the kid. give him a break, sure his program has poor collision detection, and poor ai, and a huge memory leak...but still, its his first big project from what i can tell and you shouldn't be so hard on him. And by the way, i would be more than glad to help you fix any problems you have with your game, i think its pretty neat. I am actually a big halo fan myself, so working on your program with you would be an honor. Hit me up if your interested, and as for the *Teaching* community, i would think you guys would have a little more self discipline than to go and crush a child's spirits by telling them their program is not what they had hoped it to be.
Sorry for having to rant on like this, but i am furious at some of the comments i have read in this thread.
~Ping, the one and only
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