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Don't diverge from singleness of purpose.
Will Barrows
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Default Don't diverge from singleness of purpose. - 10-29-2005, 02:15 AM

Usopnutt625 says: "I would really like to see a feature in Alice that lets you create your own objects."

bject creation would be nice, but there are plenty of programs that do that. Besides creating objects could be done so many ways that to burden Alice with this function could be detrimental to the overall effectiveness of it.

It's a matter of finding an existing program that works well with Alice.

It would be neat if there could be one that works using an object-oriented language to describe the parts and their relationship to each other. I find it very hard to master any of the current crop of modelling programs with their complex interfaces and un-familiar commands and options to describe features of the model.
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