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Originally Posted by sfunk View Post
Your website looks pretty good Jedi. And it looks like your games have come a long way. It is nice to see the older members of this forum being successful in one way or another. Good work, and keep it up. I am sure your game and future works will be successful.
Thank you, sfunk! I only love game development more than when I started many years ago.

Originally Posted by AliceAndConnor View Post
Nice website, you really have got a professional flare to it! Thanks for sharing it, too! I've been playing your game, Elite Force for quite some time now and really enjoy it! Keep up the great work! I have been planning to start a YouTube channel on gameplay for it, if that's okay with you.
Yes, that is absolutely fine!

Originally Posted by RavenOfCode View Post
Cool new site I new you had changed from Salokin to Fractured but I couldn't find your new site, thx for sharing it

May I ask what is the next title that you are working on?

Looking forward to the day I get my new computer I really want to try out elite force and start working with unity ...
Haven't announced anything yet, but I'm working on several prototypes. I'm not sure which one I'll go with, but on my YouTube channel I just released a video for a Comedy FPS Puzzle game I worked on during the Alice times.

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