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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
What do you mean x2495iiii - done

Just wait for a reply...Im replying so

Yes you can join. If you have not read the rules there on the first page, and the first comment of this thread
It means I've edited his entry post so that I know that he's on the list. It's like punching a train ticket.

Originally Posted by King Gamer(gorit) View Post
OK, I just saw a post by one of the people in this comp saying they where going to post their game in a week. If one of the categories is time realesed I might as well say goodby now. But I wont. So all I would like to know is when will our worlds need to be in by.
P.S. Thanks in advance.
Deadline for posting of worlds is listed in the rules. There's no limit to how early you can submit them, however, so if you think your submission is good enough right now, go ahead and submit it. You'll get the "Released First" category, but you aren't allowed to alter anything in the world but bugs after you submit it, so you may lose out on the quality-based categories if you don't work long enough on it.

Originally Posted by zonedabone View Post
That means that he registered the user.
Yup, he got it.