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Secondary movement options and Movement Paths
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Default Secondary movement options and Movement Paths - 03-21-2011, 02:35 AM

I believe there ought to be a type of movement in conjunction with the current described less as "Left" "Right" Up", rather as X, Y, and Z. For Turning, the same concept, as well as support for degrees or radians in conjunction with revolutions. Say I wanted an object to move according to the position of the mouse on the screen, but only by the X and Z axes (Assuming those are the axes that constitute up, down, left, and right on a 2 dimensional plane)
A movement path would be a circular(?) path made up of multiple points with their own axes, so that an object's axis would align with the point's axis and "face" the same direction while moving along the path at a constant(?) or point-to-point speed (Can already do this, but just in a straight line).
A (painstaking) way to do this now in Alice 2.2 would be to use dummy objects and a mass of ugly code to properly and smoothly align the object to the path.
An example of usage for this would be the tracks of a tank, a proper orbit for atomic particles (With hopeful support for ribbons and particles), and simple creation of smooth movements (Moving an object along differently spaced points at one speed is somewhat hard.)

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