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Summer 2007 Workshops
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Default Summer 2007 Workshops - 04-13-2007, 09:50 AM

Summer 2007 Workshops
• Learning to Program with Alice
• Alice and Media Computation

Registration Deadline: May 1, 2007
(The workshops are free!)

Led by the experts:
• Dr. Stephen Cooper, Saint Joseph's University
• Dr. Wanda Dann, Ithaca College

and funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, these workshops are designed and particularly appropriate for those wishing to:
• Decrease the attrition among computer science students
• Attract students into computer science
• Provide a programming component for a computer literacy course
• Appropriate for high school instructors, to aid in AP CS courses

Two three (3) day workshops will be offered on the teaching of Alice and Media Computation together in a CS1 course:
1. July 26-28 on the campus of Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island
2. August 1-3 on the campus of Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia
This workshop will include (approx) 1 ½ days of instruction in Alice; 1 day instruction in Media Computation; and ½ day instruction on combining the two for teaching CS1.

Learning to Program with Alice workshop will be offered August 8-10 on the campus of California State University, in Dominguez Hills, California. Workshop will include:
• Introduction/review of the Alice environment
• Scene set-up
• Programming constructs, including objects and classes
• Interactivity
• Teaching tips
• Curricular models
• Instructional materials
• Transitioning to Java/C++
• Alice in an existing CS curriculum
• Advanced topics: Arrays and Lists (Visual and Non-Visual)
• Sound
• Camera control

All workshop materials will be provided. For more details concerning accommodations for each workshop, please visit: (site should be up and running 4/17)

If you would like to attend and of these workshops, please email Please note that these workshops are completely free of charge.
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