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Originally Posted by dubastot View Post
Ok, I figured it out, but now I can't figure out why the camera doesn't move when I command it to move.
First. Start the server:"Alice Online Server.exe" and then open up two copies of Alice. Load the "Alice Online" world in both of em and run the world.
Then you can use "W","A","D" for controlling it. If the client has freezed up, just shut the server down (Ye it's very glitchy).

Originally Posted by Watsamax1 View Post
No ase. or that i got a mac. need rar if you could.
I don't recommend you using mac since the server is made on Windows. You could try using an emulator, or, if you want to, you could run the server on a Windows computer on the local-network, get it's ip and replace the "localhost" string in the "Setup World" method with it.

Originally Posted by King Gamer(gorit) View Post
Ok, Zenteo we always knew that the capability for running it on one computer was their. The problem is that we need to figure out how to acess files from computers all over. I have developed an ftp server is too slow and the only other reasonable option would leave your comupter vulnerable to atack. I am still looking in to other ways.
It is using the socket techology which is regardless of which computer you are running the server on. It's the same technology as most of the clients/servers are using. Just run the server on a computer and open the same port as the server is running on, on the router. Then, go to "" in order to get your IP and replace the "localhost" string in the "Setup World" method with your IP. If your IP-address is dynamic, I recommend you to use a DNS like "".
It is the same for all servers, you will have to open ports and all that stuff.

I would have shown you if I had a working router and a computer that I didn't have to turn off and that I could place in the basement.

Btw, reading/writing files on a ftp-server is not a solution at all. It's extremely slow and it would be very glitchy if two client are writing on the same file.

Edit: Ahh sorry folks, it seems like that I have compiled the server for framework 4.0 instead of framework 2.0 ... I's fixed now, just redownload it.

I've uploaded a video on how to run it and to show it in action:

Here's the newest version, The Terrain Builder v2.1.1:

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