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That's good to know about the move to ground option I did not know that. I just used move forward and moved backwards for the jumps. I made the jump it's own method and applied the function to my jump method to create the jump at different times.

The book does not clearly explain the examples, I agree. I found the functions and increments options by just playing around with the different tabs and method options. I took look on YouTube do you have any video to recommend that I check out?

Originally Posted by Daniel8769 View Post
The hardest part of this exercise was the Jumping. In the book it vaguely mentions where to locate the random number generator. Again I went to YouTube and found that you can find it in the functions tab under World. Once I located it the next issue was to get my object to come back down. Took me a little experimenting but found that the "move" to ground" option in a repetitive loop did the job.
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