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Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
I main Little Mac.

He's...not a great jumper, and all his mid-air attacks are weak, so I'd probably stay on the ground, counter any overhead attacks, and grab you when you land so you can't counter me back.

Or maybe I'd just throw haymakers like a crazy man, I dunno.

Nah, the dash move is short and leaves him WAY open when he falls down.

And Falcon Punch is awesome, but it leaves more than enough time to hit counter before it lands.

What's epic is Mac's KO Uppercut. It hit's, you're out, period.
Use both dash moves, and some A combos to finish the person off... then if they try to jump away/jump attack you use your jump up and grab move.

I like Dark Pit too... hes cool...

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