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Panda Adventure
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Default Panda Adventure - 04-24-2010, 04:31 AM

Panda Adventure

This game is composed by eight mini games.
Each game can be played solely in the mini game mode.
The story mode is played the game one by one with a storyline.
An important feature in this game is the grading system. The grading is base on different things in different games. When you finish the mini game, a grade will be shown. When you finish the story mode, there will be a final grading base on the grading you get in each mini game. Can you get a final A Grade? Enjoy the game!

Preview: youtube
Alice File: Download

Program by: Wong Wan Chap
Model by: Wong Wan Chap
Story by: Wong Un Fong

If you have any comment about this game, you can leave it here.

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