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Originally Posted by fourbros View Post
It doesn't sound especially fun to me for some reason. Tbh, my favorite fight type is 1v1, 2 stock, no items except for the Smash Ball, assist trophies, and Pokemon. Doesn't get much better than that.

I was wondering what the oldest Smash game you've played is (that sentence sounds grammatically incorrect). I played Melee first, and I don't get why people act like it's the pinnacle of gaming. It's faster and doesn't have random slipping, but I feel like the Smash Ball makes up for it.

PS: Thanks for making this thread X .

I started with Super Smash Bros wii version, and have moved on and played the wiiU version, cuz its better

And yes that sentence does sound grammatically incorrect

Stuff + Other Stuff + Different Other Stuff = Things :)

My best Alice game:

Clash of the Cubes (an arena fighting game):
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