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Originally Posted by fourbros View Post
Well, pocky is a japanese/korean chocolate-covered biscuit stick that looks like this:

And for the reason for the word Candy: There's an anime I really enjoyed called "Psycho-Pass", and the main character had the online name "LemonadeCandy". I liked the sound of the name (It's easy to remember and is my username on other sites and forums), but I changed "Lemon" to "Pocky" because Pocky > Lemons. So yeah, now you know why I wanted that name. You're welcome for that needlessly long monologue that you didn't want.

PS: If you can, you should try out some Pocky. It's the best
Makes sense... you seem to like anime... my favorite show is the opposite of anime... Top Gear

I had though of using candy as the characters weapon... well I did it then realized that making it brown would look like something nasty ;0... so i decided on keeping it crazy colors
Ps. Top Gear is the better (UK) version... top gear is the crappy American version

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My best Alice game:

Clash of the Cubes (an arena fighting game):
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