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Originally Posted by RavenOfCode View Post

Just wondering is it a reference from something?
Well, pocky is a japanese/korean chocolate-covered biscuit stick that looks like this:

And for the reason for the word Candy: There's an anime I really enjoyed called "Psycho-Pass", and the main character had the online name "LemonadeCandy". I liked the sound of the name (It's easy to remember and is my username on other sites and forums), but I changed "Lemon" to "Pocky" because Pocky > Lemons. So yeah, now you know why I wanted that name. You're welcome for that needlessly long monologue that you didn't want.

PS: If you can, you should try out some Pocky. It's the best

My avatar is from the anime "Hyouka".......

You've probably never seen it, much less heard of it.....

You should watch it........

print("Hello World")
This is python code.

Lakers > Clippers
Vikings > Packers
Cardinals > Brewers/Pirates/Cubs/Reds
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