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Well, since no one else has said anything, ill try to help in the best way I can. I know how to make the chickens move down when the chair runs them over but am unsure of how to do scores. And unfortunately, my way of doing it involves making a function for every chicken in your world. Attached is the modified version I did. To do this, click on the button on the main screen at the top that says "Create New Event". Now click on "While Something is True". Now click on the chair and then go to the functions bar on the left and drag the "chair is within threshold" box up into the "While" Section of the event you just made. Now set it to 1 meter and then set it to chicken 1. Now notice how right below that it says:


Well, click on chicken 1 and drag a thing that says "chicken move down 5 meters" into the begin box. Now what this says is that when the EXACT MIDDLE of the chair is 1 meter from the EXACT MIDDLE of the chicken, the chicken will move down 5 meters. Now the reason I specify the whole EXACT MIDDLE thing is because when you say within 1 meter, it is talking about the middle of the object. If you put it on 0, and the leg of the chair touches the tail of the chicken, it wont do anything. So setting it to around 1 meter does good. Ill attach the file below. Hope this helps even a little bit.
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