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Originally Posted by mowens1108 View Post
First off. I am a poor student. As such, there will be no reward other than the respect of what i imagine would be the whole Alice community. This being said. i will move on to the point.

The challenge is to make a version of alice that can export to html 5 canvas 3d.

I can only dream of being able to write such a thing but im sure that someone out there may have the time and ability. If someone can make gbc, nes, snes, gen16, dosbox, and IIe ime sure somebody can do this. You will have my eternal gratitude and that of all alice gamers in the world, being that we were jipped out of the export to applet feature.

Thank you for reading/trying ,
I guess I should assume that you're referring to the 3D models Alice has being exportable into HTML canvas.
Actually, exporting Alice models into anything else is something I would like to see in the future, and doing so may make it indirectly possible to export to HTML. Making exportable Alice models may or may not be possible, but I would join in giving my gratitude.

Man, if you say "export" enough times it sounds funny...

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