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Default 06-25-2007, 10:53 AM

For importing into Alice, see my instructions for Biturn in the thread .

I've also posted a rifle, do a search of the forum on rifle or gun to find it if your own doesn't do what you want.

While I would like to see Alice be able to import some widely used standard mesh format (other than .ase, which, while standard, is not widely used) trying to have the Alice team keep up with all the possible formats that exist would be a terrible waste of their time - it has been my experience that you are lucky if you can exchange files between two generations of a modeling program, let alone between programs. This is partially for competative reasons - but largely just because the field evolves so quickly.

The import problem is probably going to get worse, not better, in Alice 3.0 since my understanding is that they are going to a skin/bones model structure for objects. There is even less commonality for this approach than for simple meshes.

Bottom line - Alice is a program for teaching computer programming. It is not the environment you want if you are going to do serious 3D modeling and animation, although it is a good place to start to learn how to use that type of program.
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