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Hi Talmalee
There are a few approaches to this here is what has worked for me at differnet times:
Use Poses. If you have the skill (luck) to position things as you want them, move the mummy into a few positions (maybe 3 or4) and then save the object's pose. Caution: Start by capturing the initial pose so that you can get back where you started. Then use code to move from one pose to the next. Alice will "fill in" the movement between the poses.

Look at code, In the object library, all the way at the end of the "People" section there are a hebuilder and a shebuilder. Pick one give it a name and accept the defaults, when the she or he is created it will have the walking methods.
In general, spend some time walking like a mummy. What parts of you are moving? Why? keep trying to break down the different movements that enable you to walk like a mummy and ask yourself how you can do this in Alice. The code won't help if you don't understand the whats and whys.
Finally, always make sure your character's sub-parts and relationship to the world are the same at the end of a step. By doing this you insure that your object can walk 5 or 15 or 500 steps without a problem.
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