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cedricdosss 11-21-2012 07:02 PM

Helicopter Squadron
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I have this project I'm working on
"Create a world with a list or array containing four Helicopters (Local Gallery). Each helicopter should have a unique name (in another list). You may have to resize the helicopters to fit in the world’s view. Each helicopter should have its propeller turn, and after a delay, one at a time, rise to a given height (based on a user supplied value), still in the camera’s view. The ground should fall away. The helicopters should tilt forward (one at a time). A message should appear from each (with its name), indicating its readiness for the mission (one at a time). "

I stated the programing , but I'm have issue on couple things.
.[I]when the user enter a number that is more than 3, I want the program to ask until the right number is enter, but what it does is that he skip the helicopter. When I used "while"[ nothing happen /I][/I]
My second issue is that I don't know how to make propeller turn and have each helicopter to say their name each at the time[/I]

Help please thanks

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