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dakota95 04-11-2012 09:00 AM

Driving sim
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Driving simulater. This is the start to my driving sim. The only vehicle you can drive is a corvette. There is a gas guage and when you are driving you will slowly run out of gas. There is only one gas station and if you follow the road out of the airport(where you start) you will find it. You will know that it is the gas station because your gas will slowly fill up. Your car burns about 1 gallon of gas/sec. And it fills up at the same rate. If your car runs out of gas before you get to the gas station there is a gas tank(the red cylinder) that you can pick up and take to your car. It will put ten gallons in your car. There is one glitch that is more of a messed up method where, if you pick up the gas can then get into the vehicle your car will never run out of gas.

wsad- move person and car
F- get into and out of car
E- pick up and set down gas can

Eventually I will make this game awsome and make multiple vehicles to drive, as well as a helicopter but for now this is my start.

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