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JAA 11-16-2011 11:47 PM

Write the next version of Alice in a new language (What!!!)
I know how this might sound, but I think you should write the next version of Alice in a language that does not need to be interpreted or run on a virtual machine like JAVA does :eek: . I understand the portability aspect, but I know languages such as C++ can be compiled on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In fact, I've written plenty of programs 1 time and then simply compiled them on the three OS's mentioned. The difference is, because my programs did not have to be interpreted they tended to run much faster. To me Alice feels like an interpreted language that's also running on a virtual machine that's running on an OS. So, Alice is being interpreted by JAVA, which is running on the JVM, which is running on Win/Mac/Lin. With the 3D graphics Alice has, it is already putting a strain on the system's resources :( . I guess if I had the opportunity to work on Alice with you guys ;) I would try to write it in C++ or C# and OpenGL or some other similar setup. I'm not trying to criticize your work in a negative way :cool: . I've taken two JAVA courses and I understand the long hours that go into writing JAVA programs especially. I'm just saying, Alice would probably run much more smoothly if you considered a compiled language over JAVA.

I just realized you get funding from Sun Microsystems so you probably have to write it in JAVA. Oh well.

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