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mandapanda625 07-03-2020 01:16 PM

Need Help Bowling
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I am having issues randomizing my pins falling and randomizing the bowling game for my term project. I'm not exactly sure how to execute it. There needs to be a winning and losing aspect as well. any help is appreciated!

djslater107 07-04-2020 02:13 PM

Randomize Bowling Pins Falling
Use the [B]For All In Order[/B] control structure with your array of pins.

Also, you will need a count variable of how many pins fall, and use that count to help determine whether you win or lose

Inside the [B]For All In Order[/B] - for each pin
[LI] if (choose true <probability of true> of the time) - from the World functions tab[/LI][LIST]
[LI]pin fall(set duration to very small number so it looks like they are happening together)[/LI]
[LI] increase count by 1[/LI][/LIST][LI] Look at count value to determine win or lose[/LIST]
Hope this helps.

Don Slater
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