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Nitrous3 11-27-2014 06:05 PM

Model Import Request: Sonic the Hedgehog (Saturn Era)
I was wondering if anybody could help me with converting a model to an appropriate format for Alice? I've been trying to use any of the following from Sonic R < [url][/url] > but have been having a lot of difficulty. I would really appreciate if anybody is able to get it to work and could perhaps post a download to any of the models they get to work as well as instructions on how it was done

jrrTolkien 12-02-2014 08:26 PM

I think you may be out of luck. There aren't many active users here now, and most of the few who are here don't do that. (Myself included :( )

AliceAndConnor 12-02-2014 10:05 PM

I Have An Idea!
Hi Nitrous3! I think I might be able to help you!:) WARNING: This may not work, but I'm pretty sure it will!

First, just open your .obj file with Blender (you can download here for free: [url][/url]) and just watch this video to help you do that: [url][/url]! Then watch: [url][/url] to learn how to export it into a object format readable by Alice! (Video by Seth Funk!):)

Hope this helped and if you have anymore questions just let me know!:D

sfunk 12-20-2014 05:29 PM


Just go to this link. Someone posted a sonic world before. Open up the world then in the object list on the left side, you should be able to right click and save the object onto your computer.

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