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arty-fishL 07-25-2010 08:10 PM

Mouse maze mania
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I was just wondering what everybody thinks of this world so far.

Its a 2D game, but Im sure you wont be disappointed. I have made various mazes, then used jython code to detect the colours on it and manipulate the mouse.

Get the mouse pointer (cursor) from the green start point to the orange finish point. Dont hit red or black as this will take you back to the start. Various new things will be introduced as the game progresses.

The instructions are in-game.
To start the game click the red dot then the top button. Wait 2 seconds for the colours to calibrate. Now your in.
Its best to run the game with a large window size, I have mine set to 900x675, but the larger the window - the easier it is to play the game.
[B]To stop the game at any time press the down arrow key on your keyboard[/B].

So far there are 10 levels, I want to make 30. When you reach the end of level 10 the game has ended. There are no more levels, so level 10 will just repeat until I add more.

Thanks to Zonedabone for some of his jython structures used in this.

[SIZE="1"][B][U]UPDATE - beta 1:[/U][/B]
I think this is ready to enter beta now.
- Several new colours added, these can be tested in the new 10th level.
- Mouse shake fixed, it shouldn't jump way beyond its boundaries occasionally any more.
- Got rid of "Contact" menu option.
- Added "Levels" menu option, you can now select a level to jump to once you have unlocked it (it saves automatically).
- Made the shake sound play less.
- Changed the cursor to a dot

[B][U]Still to come:[/U][/B]
- More levels.
- Fix the mouse randomly jumping about buttons and getting stuck.
- SFX for the new colours.[/SIZE]

The screen shot is one of the hardest levels so far in the game.

Dameria 07-25-2010 08:41 PM

Very nice game, this is the best thing I have seen Python do so far (besides saving information in a file to be used later in games). The best part is that you can make infinite numbers of worlds as long as you use the same colors.

One glitch that I found was that if you go onto the light blue (the one that makes the buzzing noise) at about half way through the buzzing it stops detecting the colors, allowing you about a half a second to go over any colors you want including black and red, and go right to the finishing orange circle. Thats the only bug I found that can be easily fixed.

arty-fishL 07-26-2010 06:19 AM

I will try and fix that, also sometimes (not very often) the teleporters dont work properly, they transport the mouse fine, but then if you touch dark blue or another teleporter then it randomly teleports. This is easy to get around (you just go back to the landing pad of the last teleporter and wait their for about 2 seconds), but I cant find what is wrong, so fixing this is of high priority also.

arty-fishL 07-26-2010 06:28 AM

make your own level
You can make your own level if you want.
Here are the templates I use:
[URL=""]basic level template[/URL]

Open the basic template in some sort of graphics editor and build the level using the colors from the color file. Moving objects and teleporters will require extra coding in Alice, but the rest will run automatically.
The dimensions are in the color file.
Its easy to add it to the code, just import it then look at the start game method and the coding is pretty simple. Or you can upload it here and I will add it to the official game.

debussybunny563 07-26-2010 12:56 PM

Small Glitch
[SIZE="2"]I find that if you are quick enough, you can go right to the orange circle and you still beat the level.:p Other than that, if you play the game by the rules, it's very nice.:D[/SIZE]

jediaction 07-26-2010 01:00 PM

This is really good. I beat all the levels almost on my first try. The second last level is the hardest

dubastot 07-26-2010 05:26 PM

This is a fun, non-violent addicting game. Great! This is groundbreaking coding for alice, keep up the good work arty and zone.

DensetsuNoKaboom 08-15-2010 05:23 PM

Arty-fishL, you just got added to the list of people I am in awe of-oh wait, you're already on the list...never mind...

jediaction 08-16-2010 10:16 AM

Why did you post that post if to tell everyone that he added your name?

DensetsuNoKaboom 08-16-2010 02:31 PM

I'm using it to tell how great this thing is...

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