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13anglep 04-20-2009 10:18 PM

The Sims for Alice
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This is a small demo that I put together to teach fellow 8th graders how powerful Alice can be.
You have stumbled upon the wonderful world of The Sims for Alice. This is a free game for Alice that shows just how powerful Alice is. Users can show emotions, change mood, build, or even play musical instruments. Download the latest version today to fall into the world of The Sims for Alice.

[B]Beta 2[/B]
* This version will focus mainly on the environment in which the Sim resides.
* Collision detection should be re-implemented in this version.
* The ability to move objects with the mouse will be introduced in this version.

[B]Beta 1[/B]
* This version features new expressions, such as upset and happy.
* The Plumbob above the Sim adjusts color appropriately based on mood.
* Collision detection removed due to technical complications.
* New music composed for this project; Theme, Jazz, and Funk.
* User is promoted for name, which is used in the game for thing such as logging into the computer.
* New user interface includes an indicator for alerts and a help button.

[B]Tech Demo[/B]
* This is a technology demo showing the base engine responsible for The Sims for Alice.
* This demo features limited collision detection with all wire frame spheres.
* This demo also features an AI Sim that will have if you are within 5 meters of her, and will walk towards you.

[B]Known Issues with Beta 2[/B]
* Building mode does not show bounding boxes for objects on Macs (Alice Issue)
* User may have to triple click on an object to enter building mode (Beta 2 Building Inspector Bug)
* Some objects do not accept rotation commands. (Beta 2 Building Inspector Bug)
* Collision detection is spotty to non-existent. (Beta 1 Collision Detection Routine Bug)

[B]How to Play...[/B]
* Arrow Keys - Move around environment
* 1 Key - Make Sim happy
* 2 Key - Make Sim confused
* 3 Key - Make Sim upset
* 5 Key - Make Sim shake head
* 6 Key - Make Sim nod head
* 8 Key - Greet others

To move an object, just click and drag it. To rotate an object double click on the object and then press the Z or X key to rotate the object.
**Due to technical limitation, you may have to double click twice on the object.

For more information and older versions you can visit [URL][/URL]

[B]Please feel free to make suggestions, and please be sure to report undocumented bugs!

The new G2 engine is coming soon, an will include a brand new building system.

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