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Cataphract 08-19-2006 07:25 PM

Some ideas for Alice
1. Display Variables without alice, you know, instead of going if variable is 50 then show 50 just go type "variable"
2. A built in collision system, i got bored of programing colission system for every single object, especially when i made a nice game with about 30 buildings, i don;t want to have to do the same stuff all the time.
3. Tutorials of making animals move more realistically. I noticed almost every1's projects here have very unrealistic movements for people and animals, maybe some tips may help.
4. shadows?

lanceA 09-09-2006 03:51 PM

When working with Alice, I often find it helps to be very creative and attempt to [B]visualize[/B] what the user will see when I finish a [B][I][U]small [/U][/I][/B]coding project. For example, to create a shadow effect as you mentioned in your post, try this example:

Create a world with a penguin, and maybe name it TheShadow. Immediately create a 2nd instance of the Penguin class and this time name it Kowalski or something (I'm partial to the film "Madagascar") - this will allow you to differentiate between the two Penguin objects you just created. You will note that only one Penguin object shows on the screen and this is because they overlap one another.... click on the first Penguin and move it to the left/right so that you can see both objects. Now click on TheShadow-object-penguin and change it's skin-texture property to NONE and it's color to BLACK - you now have a Shadow.

If you wish to have TheShadow follow Kowalski as he/she moves then you will need to first position it properly (lying flat on the ground or standing behind Kowalsi) and then simply set it's vehicle property so that it "follows" him.

Coding a program is not simple, it does take keystrokes [B]AND[/B] some thought [B]before we even touch the keyboard[/B]. You first need to [U]understand[/U] the problem you are attempting to solve (in this instance, create a shadow) and then use the TOOLS ( skin-texture and color) you have available to you to make it happen.

If Alice did it [B]ALL[/B] for us, then we wouldn't need to learn how to do it ourselves.

With that said, I would also like to see the improvements you have suggested. ;)

Frond 09-09-2006 04:55 PM

[QUOTE=Cataphract]1. Display Variables without alice, you know, instead of going if variable is 50 then show 50 just go type "variable"[/QUOTE]

You mean, besides using the "Watch this Variable" functionality?

Something that I'd like to see, or learn if it is already implemented, is for items from lists/arrays to be used as variables. I know it sounds like something basic that's already implemented, but here is an example of what I'm trying to do:

If [B]item1_from_cars.list[/B] is beyond [B]checkpoint[/B]...

And I have too many cars to have an If statement for each, so I want to keep them in a list and use the same If/For statement to test for each.

I find the FOR statements hard to use, and they don't seem to work for what I'm trying to do.

Frond 09-09-2006 05:13 PM

Nevermind the above post. I figured out a way to do it, I just had to have the list be attached to the world to manipulate it in a world method and a few other things...

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