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Beans 12-11-2012 06:04 PM

RPGMAKER 2003 Game: Explorer
I am using RPGMAKER 2003 (with built in sprites, music, etc.) to make a game I call Explorer. It is a turn-based (duh, its RPGMAKER, what did you expect?) rpg with a random generator. Every time you quit after saving and come back on, it will be different. There are 4 classes and 4 types of classes (for example, Human, Ninja) and at least 2 weapon choices at the start of the game. You name your character also. Monsters sometimes drop things like Simple Iron, which you can use to make weapons. Any type of monster can attack you, but you can always flee. This game wont be coming out for awhile probably. I might post some screenshots and stuff. Yes, it is retro (again, RPGMAKER!) but is side-shot. I might be adding a new system for creating brand new custom weapons by adding more attributes, but I don't know. Its kinda weird, you have to activate your stuff in order to get the weapon creator to make it for you.
Progress is halted for now.

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