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x2495iiii 10-18-2010 07:33 PM

I'm so bored.

Entertain me, dangit!

dubastot 10-18-2010 07:59 PM

Why don't you do something Alice related?

PS: Sorry for being a boring person.

x2495iiii 10-18-2010 08:02 PM

I'd love to.

But, I have SQL work that's been postponed for far too long, and I'm forced to do that now.


dubastot 10-18-2010 08:12 PM

Great! I was wondering about SQL. I need to know more about it for my website, could you explain it to me?

x2495iiii 10-18-2010 08:14 PM



SQL is boring and terrible.

Any questions?

dubastot 10-18-2010 08:16 PM

WOW:eek:! Those few words were absolutely mind 'blowingly' powerful! I definitely get it now! :rolleyes:


Akira101 10-19-2010 03:45 PM

Go and play something, go out for a walk, hand out with friends, what else?

I get on steam (online gaming company from the makers of valve.) and play HL2 Mods, CSS, L4D, and Gmod all the time, thats my way of killing time :P Plus the occasional times going out with a couple friends.

shaydon 10-19-2010 04:29 PM

bake a pie XD

zonedabone 10-19-2010 06:17 PM

What kind of SQL work are you doing? My chat program runs on SQL! It will be out when it's fixed.

dubastot 10-19-2010 09:34 PM

[QUOTE=shaydon;26975]bake a pie XD[/QUOTE]

I love baking pies (actually). I am one of the few male high school students who likes to bake!:)

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