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naseem 07-03-2009 11:21 AM

A suggestion for alice 3 by Naseem Serhan
II found many problems using Alice 2 especially using the editor area because it contains DO TOGETHER and stuff like that, and it doesn’t has an exact time organism like you can’t start order2 when order 1 is half done for example , just you can start it before or together or after only.
I suggest adding another box separated from the editor area called time line. Unlike the editor area which is vertical the time line is horizontal. For example each 1 cm to the right, 1 second in the world. Also it contains like the music bar 5 lines to add orders with a + and a – to add lines or remove just in case.
Using this suggestion we can make the world very accurate without using bars like DO TOGETHER and other stuff and adding the ability of starting an order while the other is half done.
So now we can use the editor area for programming and the time line for making some scenes.
I hope my suggestion works and if you use it in this program tell me because I want to know if I changed this great program because it means a lot for me.
You’re junior member Naseem serhan :cool:

DrJim 07-03-2009 07:07 PM

I suggest you go to Alice 3 Beta, even if it is currently a bit furstrating to use. The NetBeans plugin, howeve, gets you into a true Java environment where you can do things like you suggest - though it's far from simple.

Trying to add that type of complexity to a teaching tool like Alice, however, would probably detract from its main goal.

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