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suvadhun 10-30-2019 09:14 PM

ferriswheel stop and run
Hello friends does anyone know how to stop ferriswheel. if anybody know please send me the code. i m tired of doing it.

condition should applied:
Stop and Start

Choose a ride object other than the carousel from the Amusement Park gallery that moves in a circular pattern (a round-and-round manner, like the Ferris wheel). You can use the Ferris Wheel. Create a method that performs an animation appropriate for the ride object selected. Then create a way to start and stop the ride using the "While something is true "EVENT" (do not use a while statement). Use an object other than the spacebar to stop/start the ride.

Create instructions to inform the user how to start and stop your ride object. Include comments for each major instruction in your program.

This assignment assesses objectives 1, 3, and 5.


The animation for the ride object must not have any loops on its implementation.
The loop action is performed by the "While something is true" EVENT.
There should be only ONE "When the mouse is clicked on something" event or "When a key is typed" event.
There should be at least one method called
The user has to have the ability to start/stop the ride as many times as she/he desires.
Think about a switch: when it is on, the ride starts; and when it is off, it stops.

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