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sgparry 10-12-2013 08:48 AM

Alice 3.1 extensions
Currently Alice 3.1 is a wonderful product but woefully limited in one area that makes it seriously inferior to Alice 2.x.

PLEASE can we have an extension mechanism for Alice 3.1. Just a simple API by which Alice 3.1 can inspect and call Java code in external JAR files coded to a specific set of interfaces. This would allow A3.1 to be extended in so many different ways that are currently not possible without migrating to Netbeans.

For example:
- Simple networked multi-player games. Java code could be written to provide a simple UDP communication mechanism.
- Interfaces to game controllers.
- String manipulation libraries.
- I/O libraries
- Database libraries

It would allow the community to seriously expand Alice 3s usefulness without burdening the core team.

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