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jumagoca78 10-06-2005 04:22 AM

Extend the set of controls' gallery
I am working on the development of 3D User Interfaces for which I need 3D widgets. Actually, they do not exist but in alice you a have a set of controls, for instance, the button control. Even that the set of control is reduced in Alice, the advantage that it provide is that is possible to add behavior to any object that is created.

I could use any other modeling software to design my 3D widgets, check boxes, pop up menus, etc. The problem is that I also need to use another software to implement the behavior on the objects designed. For instance, if I develop on Maya the widgets, I need to use another sofware such as Flash, or export the object to VRML and implement the behavior with JavaScript, so I need two tools.

But in alice the behavior is posssible to handle, the lack is on the set of controls.

Do you plan to extent the set of controls that you have?
If so, how could I collaborate?

Hoping that my question is clear

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