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Conversation Between Zack Strife and zonedabone
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  1. Zack Strife
    08-08-2010 05:48 PM
    Zack Strife
    ok, thanks
  2. zonedabone
    08-07-2010 02:44 PM
    Sadly, that hasn't been acheived yet. Of course, you could still split your game into sections and just have people open each world themselves.
  3. Zack Strife
    08-07-2010 10:53 AM
    Zack Strife
    How about loading a world, that way I could have a large game without having a huge world
  4. zonedabone
    08-06-2010 10:10 PM
    You mean to save the world in its current state? If you want to save the world with all of the objects in the current location when you play the game, there's a way, but it's scary. If you want to save the world to its state before you started, you'll have to exit the play. There's also a preliminary way to save the world in its current event state, but arty and I are still working on it.
  5. Zack Strife
    08-06-2010 02:35 PM
    Zack Strife
    Hey have you figured out a way to save/load worlds while they are running, possibly through jython, and if so could you teach me.

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