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Conversation Between Fritz and x2495iiii
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  1. x2495iiii
    06-26-2011 01:05 AM
    Psh. I tried that awhile back. I don't remember it working out very well for me, to say the least. But, hey, I could always try again.
  2. Fritz
    06-11-2011 12:59 AM
    You know how Alice deals with sound? I don't quite understand how it handles sound files. (Speed, playback, etc)

    Trying to get gun sounds to work lol
  3. x2495iiii
    01-13-2011 12:14 AM
    Very Nice.
  4. Fritz
    01-12-2011 09:30 PM
    When you're on, check this out. Just made it today, tell me what you think.
  5. Fritz
    09-22-2010 09:20 PM
    Updated my FPS, read nao!

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