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Conversation Between Dameria and beachbum111111
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  1. beachbum111111
    12-08-2010 01:07 PM
    how do you convert a sketchup file into something alice can use???
  2. beachbum111111
    11-03-2010 03:43 PM
    your good with alice and very helpful... thanks
  3. Dameria
    11-01-2010 05:20 PM
    You've been using Alice longer than I have then, I've only been using it for a year. Also, your way too young to have tried beer, no matter what country you may live in. It's really not good, don't drink when your older it is a bad habit and only leads to bad things.
  4. Dameria
    10-29-2010 06:09 PM
    It tastes like dish detergent and water, and the aftertaste is even worse. I even had the good kind (right in Germany), and it was still disgusting.

    How old are you anyways?
  5. beachbum111111
    10-28-2010 08:39 PM
  6. beachbum111111
    10-28-2010 06:04 PM
    no its not
  7. Dameria
    10-28-2010 05:56 PM
    Beer is disgusting

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