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Conversation Between reuben2011 and jediaction
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  1. reuben2011
    05-09-2011 11:04 PM
    According to my records, X is already a friend of mine. Do you know if he just doesn't want to accept your friend request or do you think there is some technical problem on his side?
  2. jediaction
    05-09-2011 02:43 PM
    X won't except my friend request. Does anyone have the same problem?
  3. reuben2011
    03-21-2011 06:48 PM
    [Because i can only send so many characters in a message, here is the continuation of the previous message.] I took a look at your most recent game and I'm really amazed at your uberly-awesome animation skills! Anyways, maybe this summer, I'll get to that Escape the [sequel] I haven't gotten around to lately. I just need to think up some puzzles and such. =P
  4. reuben2011
    03-21-2011 06:48 PM
    Oh hey jediaction! Thanks for the message. I'm not really doing much right now in terms of Alice other than helping people in the forums. I'm been really busy this year since this is my Senior year in high school and I have a heavy course-load and college apps to worry about. In terms of other things other than Alice, I've been working on making Flash games and such, that I post to Kongregate. If you want to see them, I can send you a link. And with programming in general, I'm studying for the AP Computer Science exam, so basically I have to learn Java in like 2 months o.O It's nice to see that you're still up to making games in Alice. I know I haven't played much of your games, mostly because I'm not into the genre, but I think I'll check them out later on, most likely during the summer when I have NOTHING to worry about (hehe ^_^)
  5. jediaction
    03-18-2011 09:30 PM
    What is up reuben? Anything new with programming. Other than Alice? Whats your projects

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