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Conversation Between gabe and madden
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  1. madden
    01-16-2009 12:53 PM
    Yes! I will!
    How many?
    Mt Everest can eat allot of chocolate cookies. Its true, my monkey saw it with his own eyes. You know the one from France...?

    Yea, its cold here too.
  2. gabe
    01-15-2009 06:55 PM
    Didn't go to Florida. Just wish I was there. Brrr it's cold here. Time for you to do something special. Bake me some cookies?
  3. madden
    01-14-2009 07:47 PM
    So you went to Flordia?
    I go there for vication too. =)

    I'm doing good, I haven't been doing anything special latley though... XD
  4. gabe
    01-14-2009 02:15 PM
    Pretty busy coming back from vacation. Preparing for the onslaught of the oncoming semester. Wish I was in Florida. :)

    How about you?
  5. madden
    12-16-2008 07:45 PM
    Hey, whats up?

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