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  1. jnawrocki
    01-28-2011 11:28 PM
    Thank you very much for agreeing to allow me to modify your Bounce Ball game. I don't see the lag or the jython score saving as a problem. The students will love it. When I get a more polished version, I will use to share it with you.

    Thank you again

    I'll try to fix the blocked pms.
    Again, thanks
  2. arty-fishL
    01-28-2011 08:56 AM
    Re: May I use Bounce Ball for educational purposes?

    I couldnt private message you the reply as it says youve blocked pms for some reason, so here's the reply:

    Yes, if you want. Its open source and all, but thanks for asking. I feel somewhat proud that its being used for something like this, but then I must warn you it isnt perfect, the ball does lag through stuff sometimes. Also some of it is written in jython (the score saving bit), so you might not be able to see that section. But all that put aside, shouldnt be any major issues, have (educational) fun. feel free to do as you please with it.

    There is no file uploading on private messages, there is in threads, but to do it here you can use and just send me the link.

    Thanks. :D:D
  3. jnawrocki
    01-27-2011 08:11 PM
    Hello Mr. arty-fishL
    I am involved with an Alice group at Purdue University. This group is made up of about 50 High School teachers from all teaching disciplines. In the past I have created several teaching/gaming templates for these teachers to use with their own students. The Alice worlds that I have created for them have questions (review or test) that students must answer and then, based upon the number of correct answers, students may play a game that is part of the world.

    I love your Bounce Ball game. Would you please allow me to add the question aspect to your game? Of course, I would give you all the credit for the game. I will attach a very rough example of adding questions to your game. If you give me permission to proceed using your game, I promise that the finished product will be very professional.

    Thank you

    Haven't figured out how to attach a file yet. I'm working on it.

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