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These are screen shots from all of my games I posted. If you wanna see them before you play them, there all here!!!

Hero's Final stand - Test version for Hero's Mission 1
HERO's Mission 1
HERO's Mission 2
Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare 2
Shooting yard
Rail shooter
Battle grounds
Game Creator
Mirrors Edge
Guitar Hero
Modern Warfare ending
Modern Warfare 2 ending
Modern Warfare 2 installation program
RPG Adventure GAME
Sniper Test
Hero's Tactics
Arrow Shooting
Flying Engine
3RD Person test
Matrix Shot Version 1-5
Rail Shooter 3
Orb --- Demo is out
Real Split Screen "Almost!"
Halo - in Alice
AA-12 Animation
Realistic Death - Photo has been removed due to complaints
JA Command System
FPS AI System ----- AI System
Case Solvers
Sky Diving
Ping Pong
Lightning Drive
3,000 Posts Celebration Animation
SCI-FI Shooter Beta
Resident Monkey Poster
Halo 2
Black Ops Cover
Split Screen Wars
Hero's Mission 1 - Remastered

Check out all the pictures, the titles of the game are what the pictures are called
Game Creator 
This is a game craetor i made in Alice. It has a map editor and 3 enemies to fight. It is one of my best creations
Hero's Tactics 
This is a game i made similar to C&C. Im a big fan of it so i created this. Its unfinished and might never be finished
Flying Engine 
I made this for anyone who wants to make a flying game.
Arrow shooting 
A quick example of Archery
Modern Warfare 2 end 
Its the last 3 minutes of Modern Warfare 2
Its my most realistic out door set ive ever made
Sniper Test 
Its a quick Sniper animation test i did with real scoping (sort of) and cool animation
RPG Adventure GAME 
This is an RPG game where you go around and help people
Modern Warfare 2 Installation program 
Its cool, and has a suprise at the end
Hero's Mission 2 
Its my most realistic FPS game yet. It was so realistic, Alice couldnt take it
Guitar Hero 
Its my own guitar hero game. uncomplete but my home made song
Modern Warfare ending 
Its just like the end of Call of Duty 4...except in Alice form
Hero's Mission 1 
This the the first complete FPS game i have made...i think, try it
Modern Warfare 
This was my origonal Modern Warfare game that i made. Has cool sounds and graphics, but is short
Shooting Range 
This is a shooting range simulator. It is fun but the shooting could be more accurate, plus there is a camel
Battle Grounds 
This was my first FPS game that i posted, it has a wierd aiming system but there is 3 computers
Rail shooter 
This was my own Rail shooter. It's pretty fun with cool moving. This game is my most popular
Hero-The Final Stand 
This was the beginning program of my Hero's game. It is a uncompleted version, so i recomend playing the final version
Modern Warfare 2 
This is my own Call of Duty game. Its a newer Call of duty game but with an old FPS aiming system

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