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3D Models
A collection of models that I'm working on expanding.

All of them are already imported into Alice and can be used with no problems.

I might decide to upload them sometime.

EDIT: I AM planning on uploading them. It'll take some time before I finish figuring everything out, but they'll come in due time. =)
A compilation of many of the weapons I've converted. 
Rendering issues account for the lack of texture on a few of them.
ma3702-Textured MA37 
Not the best texture, but it works well, especially from a 1st person perspective.
dmr01-Untextured Halo: REACH DMR 
I'm having certain problems with it.
MA37-untextured MA37 Assault Rifle from Halo REACH
needler01-Covenant weapon for jedi's game
grunt01-a grunt model I converted for jedi's Halo game
pelican01-a pelican model I converted and added pivots for the subparts for jedi's Halo game
elite01-an elite I converted and put pivots on for jediaction's Halo game
spartan03-I spent lots of time today fixing the finger segments' pivots; now you have a fully poseable Halo spartan model.
spartan01-a textured Halo spartan model. 
Many, many subparts, down to the segments of each finger. 
Spent lots of time placing the pivots.
models 06-Uzi and PP2000, both textured
models 04-M1014 and MP5 and Holosight (or Holographic sight, if you prefer)
models 03-AA12 and AWM (or AWP, if you prefer)
modeltest 01-first person view of the M4 with the ACR hovering in the background
models 02-two textures for the ACR
models 01-snow camo
M14 01-very nicely textured
SCAR 03-untextured
SCAR 02-untextured
SCAR 01-untextured
L85 03-untextured
L85 02-untextured
L85 01-untextured
M4 03; well textured; high quality
M4 02-well textured; high quality

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