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War Zone 2
I thought that I would start a little album to keep people updated on War Zone 2 progress instead of posting stuff in the forums. I'll post pictures and info when I can.

Back Story:
50 years before the events of War Zone 1, an evil dictator named Adrastos came to power in the Drave Republic. He was corrupt with power. He raised taxes so much that cities near him were unsustainable. Tall buildings were replaced with small huts and electricity became extinct beyond the walls of his palace. 17 years before the events of War Zone 1, Adrastos's son Nilon took power. The under developed city that surrounded his palace was overrun by his soldiers. They killed everyone in the town and stationed themselves there so that they could protect against any and all attacks. It was at this point that the UNA (United Nations of America), formerly known as the USA, decided to strike. The Drave Republic was weaker than it had ever been due to the change in command. They sent 2 super soldier along with a small squad to sneak into the palace and take out Nilon. But Nilon found out about these infiltrators long before they were even in eye shot of the palace. He ordered a mortar strike which killed them both. These two soldiers were the parents of John and Sarah. Now, John and Sarah both vowed that they will join the army, join the heavy armor division and then escape the army so that they can take down the evil dictator who murdered their parents. Will they succeed? You'll have to find out when War Zone 2 comes out (possibly 3 because I don't know if I can fit everything into one movie)
Sarah and John before they grew up.... and before they encapsulated themselves in giant suits of armor.
Sarah and her cycle.
The scenery for War Zone 2.

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