Download Alice

Download Alice v3.1

Off-Line Installer (8/22/2014):

Universal Installer (1.33 GB) (3/7/2014) (click to download):

To Install Alice 3.1 Universal Installer:

  1. Download the Universal .zip version (link above) and save it to your Desktop (or another selected location on your machine).
  2. Unzip the file and if you wish, move the entire unzipped package to the desired loction on the machine.
    • Do not move any files or directories out of the unzipped package.
  3. Start Alice

Getting Started Using Alice 3.1

System requirements

Problems installing Alice 3.1:

Known Bugs for Alice 3.1

System cannot find Java

Mac OS 10.8 +


NetBeans Plugin v3. for Java 8 (22 MB)

NetBeans Plugin v3. for Java 6 & 7 (39.7 MB)

Java and NetBeans 8 Download and Installation


Teaching and Reference Resources for Alice 3.1

How to Display Alice 3, Spanish Version

Which version of Alice 3.1 should I download?


Important Information


Bug Reporting

If you discover new bugs that are in 3.1, please let us know! In the Help menu of Alice 3, you will find menu options to Report Bugs, Suggest Improvements, or Request a New Feature.

Bug Report Menu

The following dialog box will appear:

Bug Reporting Dialog

Make sure to be as detailed as possible. We will be working on getting this release as stable as we can, but we need your feedback! We will do our best to fix major bugs. Thank you in advance for your help and patience!