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Help about my world
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Default Help about my world - 11-11-2010, 06:11 AM

Hi guys. I'm making a world like this:
A city has been infected, and there are lots of zombies (I have make a infinite loop for the zombie alone, to make them move by themselves). And I want to make the camera moves around the city at first, like a demo. Then the camera goes to look at the drop ship brings survival away, but I don't know how to make the camera to move to the exact location in the world. Then you can control a navy jet to fire a missile at the zombie, the the fire effect. I want the effect also apply to the heli up high, it would fire a missile after the navy jet fire the missile. But I can't find any object look like a missile, and don't know how to make the missile stick to the jet. I also have this problem with the survival on the drop ship, I don't know how to make them stick to the drop ship.
Now I would list all my problem here:
- How to tell the camera to move at the exact location, and look at the exact view?
- How to make the survival stick to the drop ship, and the missile stick to the jet? And when you press a button, the missile will go to the zombies?
-How to make fire effect when the missile hit the target.
Any help? My world is very big, so I have to upload it on mediafire:
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