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Assignment 1
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Default Assignment 1 - 01-26-2015, 03:36 AM

To be honest, after reading the tutorials I had a general idea what to expect. However, I needed to actually get my hands on this Alice software to better understand all areas of the interface layout. At first what I found interesting for me was Alice is a graphic intensive program that uses alot of computer memory. So Im assuming maybe Alice should only be the program running when doing World assignments?

Far as the assignment, when I look back after completing it, I felt as if this was an simplistic assignment that I should of completed sooner. For the most part, this assignment was self-explanatory but I found myself re-reading some steps over and over. The only problem I had was adding multiple string parameters to the layout. If we were to add only one string which was "Hello World" I wouldn't had slumped but adding the second one threw me off when playing the world and seeing two bubbles appear. It looked sloppy to me. So what I did was I made a separate command by clicking anywhere and the second string would appear (Hello, Professor X). I'm hoping I will not get penalized for it.

Overall, This was a fun assignment. I learned a few things about Alice and I know if I keep working on assignments like these I know for sure I can be more familiar with Alice.

And I was not able to post this discussion in Alice pending on approval but if I receive it before midnight tonight, I will post this discussion in the forum.
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Default 01-26-2015, 05:16 AM

Just so you know, with your 'string' commands, to fix your problem placing them in the same method works well as they go one after the other (doInOrder)...

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