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Hero's MISSION 1 Contest Version Preview
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Default Hero's MISSION 1 Contest Version Preview - 03-13-2010, 07:22 PM


Here is the preview for my Hero's game that im gonna be posting. Dont copyor x2495iiii will have to do something you wont like. I am posting it because there is not much i can do to it now because it runs 5 frames per second on my computer. The snowmobile is the same just if anyone is wondering and you can still go out of the map. Sorry, just play fair, i cant do anything about it so please enjoy.

A second weapon - AK-47
7 more gun textures - From Modern Warfare 2
Overall good animation - Animation updated
Collisions for walls and power plant - No more walking through walls
Ammo system - No more unlimited ammo...haha
Clip Count - Clips are now added
Death sequence - You can now die like the real call of duty games
Company opening - My company logo in the beginning
Updated Menu - Looks like the Modern Warfare 2 menu
Added menu items - shows location, shows picture of location, etc...
Updated arrow - Now you can find your objective easier
More Equipment - Clips, and a C4!

Nonfighting enemies
Selecting level difficulty

If you have any comments, please subcribe because i will be posting my final version in a little while in the contest thread.

Here is the link to the download


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