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alice via vnc
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Question alice via vnc - 01-31-2008, 03:37 PM

Hi, All,
if you install alice on a linux box, I can easily via it on the box's console ... or from another linux box.
What I want, is have alice installed on a linux box but be able to view from a windows ( xp or vista ) client. Typically, I run vncserver on the linux box and run vncviewer on the windows box to connect to a session on the linux box. This works great for many of the things for which I use it ( emacs, firefox, etc. ) but I am not able to run alice in my vnc window ( of my linux session ) on the windows box.
This appears to be due to the need of accessing the graphics card.
The error message is basically: 'extension "GLX" missing on display '.
Does anyone have any id on how to deal with having the vncsoftware on a linux server, with user accounts on the server, but without having users actually log on to the linux server console itself ... i.e. they access the linux box remotely after logging on to a windows client ?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
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